2011 Baseball Sleepers - Should You Rely On Them

2011 Baseball Sleepers – Should You Rely On Them?

By: - Recreation & Sports - September 28, 2011
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If you were into fantasy baseball, or also known as rotisserie baseball during the 2011 season, you may wonder how the most common 2011 baseball sleepers panned out throughout the season. When you went through your rotisserie baseball draft, you surely chose a few sleepers in there. For those who don’t really understand the idea of sleepers in fantasy sports, they are people who you feel have tons of potential and you just know they are going to be that one person who hits the grand slam in the last game of the season that clinches the team a playoff spot. Usually sleepers are the players who may have already lived their glory days or rookies who you feel have a magic touch.

One example of many 2011 baseball sleepers is Manny Ramirez. Chosen as a sleeper by many at the beginning of the 2011 season, Manny was thought to have the motivation needed to be an amazing sleeper, as long as his health stayed intact. Back in May of 2011 when he was a chosen sleeper by many rotisserie baseball players, this sounded amazing. However, a few short weeks later, it all fell down around them as Manny Ramirez only played in 5 games for Tampa Bay before he officially retired from Major League Baseball in April.

Another of the 2011 baseball sleepers was Edinson Volquez of the Cincinnati Reds. Edinson Volquez was the ace pitcher that the Reds needed for the 2011 Major League season. He is in his 7th season with average stats. Since 2008 he has fallen a bit in his performance and his ERA has risen each year. The leader in MLB for ERA as the season comes to a close is at 2.40. Edinson Volquez is at 5.84. Certainly not an ace and certainly not much of a help for Cincinnati who is, at the time of this writing, in 3rd place in their division and 16 games back behind the leader.

Both of these examples may seem a bit extreme, but they are two great examples on how the sleepers system doesn’t always work for fantasy baseball.  Though it is probably worth your time in the end to do some research on the players to find out which is the best for a fantasy team, perhaps you will have better luck taking some possibilities writing their names down on a piece of paper and picking them out of a hat.

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