13 Floors Haunted House - Scary Fun All Over The Us

13 Floors Haunted House – Scary Fun All Over The US

By: - Arts & Entertainment - October 5, 2011
13 floors haunted house %E2%80%93 scary fun all over the us

The start of October is also the start of haunted house season. All over the US, haunted houses are gearing up to open in order to scare the wits right out of their visitors. Some of the scariest haunted houses are those that have floors or terror or fright. Many of them are a 13 floors haunted house, as the number 13 is traditionally known to be an unlucky number. There is usually a 13 floors haunted house available in and around all major cities of the US and many of them are quite scary and get scarier year after year.

Some people would never dare to enter a haunted house with 13 floors, but for those brave souls that do, they may be entering some of the scariest haunted houses in the country. The big pull to these multi-level haunted houses is the urban legends associated with them. One of the most well known urban legends associated with a 13 floors haunted house is the legend or rumor that when you go through the haunted house and make it through every floor, you will get your money back that you paid for admission. As of right now, there is no known haunted house in the US who currently has this deal.  Though there are certainly scary haunted houses, even the scariest haunted houses make you pay and offer no refunds.

Another particularly active urban legend about multi level haunted houses is that they progressively get scarier as the levels rise. Though this may be true for some people, since all of us find different things scary, it certainly will not be true for everyone. For instance, a person who may find spiders scary may find, for example a floor with spiders which may be the 5th floor in a haunted house, may be more scary for them than a 10th floor that has zombies.

If you are looking for the best haunted houses in your area, searching the internet is a great way to start. You can also ask friends or family what they think the scariest haunted houses are. Usually the best haunted houses will come back year after year and get better as time goes on. You may have to visit several of them before finding the one you think is the best. Watch your budget though, as some of them can be quite expensive to get into, even up to $50 or more per person.